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The GUC 2022 Official Opening Ceremony will be faciliated by
The Honorable Tom Koutsantonis
– Minster for Energy and Mining, Infrastucture and Transport.

Treva Klingbiel (TradeTech)
Uranium Markets: Policies and Prices

Brian Reilly (Cameco)
McArthur River Mine and Key Lake Mill: Pathway to Production

Duncan Craib (Boss Energy)
Australian Uranium and Honeymoon Mine Re-Start

Leigh Curyer (NexGen Energy)
Permitting and the Rook I Project

John Borshoff (Deep Yellow Ltd)
How Can the Uranium Sector Cope With A Major Extended Boom

Mark Chalmers (Energy Fuels)
Is history repeating?

Wayne Heili (Peninsula Energy)
Considerations on Selection of Alkaline and Low-pH ISR Chemistries

Keith Bowes (Lotus Resources)
Kayelekera Uranium Project

Doug Boreham (McMaster Uni)
Uranium and Energy: What is the Risk?

Greg Hall (Alligator Energy)
Samphire Uranium Project: Early Development stage ISR

Helen Cook (GNE Advisory)
The Legal Challenges of establishing a Nuclear Energy Industry in Australia

John Harries (ANA)
Technologies in Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

John Vagenas (Metallurgical Systems)
Can There be a Future Without Nuclear Power?

Ben Heard (Frazer Nash Consultancy)
SMRs in the Australian context – challenges and opportunities

**  Please note that the Speakers or their presentations may change at any time **

Geoff Currie (Charles Sturt Uni)
Nuclear medicine: an update on a uranium dependent industry

Lenka Kollar (Helixos)
Small Modular Reactors: The Landscape for Advanced Nuclear

Kathy Ehrig (BHP Olympic Dam)
Uranium Mineralogy: Challenging but Imagine if……

Brandon Munro (Bannerman Energy)
Defying Economies of Scale in Bulk Tonnage Mining

Georgina Furniss (BHP)
Uranium Production Uplift at BHP Olympic Dam

Jess Page (WGA)
Nuclear Medicine: Cancer Therapeutics from Radium in Process Streams

Bob Ring / Mark Maley (ANSTO)
Flowsheet Develpment for the Tiris Uranium Project

Nicole Galloway-Warland (Thor Mining)
Australian Exploration in the Uravan Mineral Belt USA

Keith Tayler (Supervising Scientist Branch)
Overseeing the restoration of the Ranger uranium mine

Daniel Bellifemine (Sth Australian EPA)
South Australia’s Radiation Protection and Control Act 2021

Julian Kelly (entX)
Nuclear Medicine: Cancer Therapeutics from Radium in Process Streams

Alex Otto (Deep Yellow)
The hydrothermal nature of alaskite-hosted uranium mineralisation at the Omahola Project, Namibia

Andrew Vigar (Terra Uranium)
Uranium Exploration under deep cover



Global Uranium Conference

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